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Dear Carlton,
Knife received from FedEx as promised - many thanks.
Knife meets all expectations and I am very pleased both with your product and the level of service you provide. Great quality product complete with great quality service!!! Thank you very much.

Kind regards

Hello Carlton,
Here is a picture of my Moose taken on 9/18/2009. Your knife performed admirably while skinning and quartering the 60" old bull. Thanks for an awesome product.

I gave my son his knife yesterday and you should have seen his face. He
couldn't believe it. He said "WOW, can I really use this in the field....this is the finest knife I've ever seen". I told him I expected him to use it the rest of his life. I told him the knife was called the Double Diamond and he thought that was so special. Thanks again.


Hi Carlton,
This past Friday I received my knife, and you know when you open a package and the contents exceed your expectations and you are momentarily stunned. That’s what happened to me! After I opened the package, I just looked at the knife and everything about it for several minutes. The knife is simply gorgeous! The scales with the “blue lines” are fabulous and much better than I imagined! I have never seen scales like those before and was wondering how they would look. Now I am glad I chose those scales! Your workmanship is second to none and one can easily see how gifted you are in your craft! Tell Paul I really like the knife case too. The knife case complements and completes the whole set. Thanks again to you and Pauline for all your efforts and a wonderful experience and certainly a knife I will cherish!
Best Regards!

Thanks so much for making something so beautiful. You are a true artisan who makes beautiful knives.
Thank you,
Roger H.

U r the best...

"The knife made it safely and it is a joy to behold. Thank you for the beautiful attention to detail and unique design. I'm now mulling over what my next one will be. Thank you again for what I consider a Knife that is a work of art.", All the best to you,
Larry P.

Carlton and Pauline,
Received the knives yesterday - Absolutely thru the moon! Everything first rate and exceeded my expectations. Your attention to detail from order thru to documentation and shipment and of course those make an incredible team and I'm just tickled to death. I was going to wait till hunting season and present uncle’s knife to him in person but I can't wait to share this experience so his birthday is next month and he'll be getting a gift that will certainly trump all the rest!
Thank you so much!


What an incredible piece of art work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you,

The knives arrived today. My wife and son were so impressed with them that they made a special trip to my office to show them to me. I'm almost speechless. They are OUTSTANDING! The handles, the blades, the swirl, the sheath - all TOP QUALITY. Thank you again for doing a great job.
…. ps - Headed to Tanzania tomorrow! Can't wait.


My knife arrived here today and it is beautiful. Planning for the next one should be a lot of fun.
Thanks so much,


I received the knife today and it is better looking than I remembered. You really do excellent work!
Carlton - Pauline - I got the knife today and it is beautiful - stunning.

Thank You –

Just received the knife...WOW! It is so wonderful to hold! Wife loves it also.
Thank you!

I have received your package. The knives, as usual, are beautifully made. The fit, polish and sheaths ... really, each knife in its entirety, is perfect. Your artisan and craftsmanship simply amaze me. Thanks for creating "a work of art" that doubles as "a practical tool".

The knife arrived safely. I am absolutely delighted with it. Thank you again for making it.
Best Wishes,

Thank you so much for your time and effort, the knife is another piece of fine art.

Received the knife – it’s a beauty! I’ll be proud to carry it and show it off. Thanks so much; I like it so much that now I might have to order another!

He is a master knife-maker!

Carlton- the knife arrived. I am pleased with it-good job.
Joe C.

Carlton, The knife looks awesome, that was exactly what I was talking about. The handle looks perfect, that is great looking stag scales.

Received my knife, it is an example of American craftsmanship and beauty.

Wow. Wow. WOW!!! They’re beautiful. You are truly talented. And we are very appreciative.
Joe and Steve

Pauline- the knife arrived this a.m. I really like it. I believe it is my favorite one. I am looking forward to using it in the field this fall.

Hi Carlton,
My knife arrived today and it is beautiful. There is so much detail to look at. Thank you very much.
Best regards,


We received the knife, it's perfect.


Hi Pauline,
I just returned from Zambia last week, here are a few shots of my knife in action.

My knife sure looks like a beautiful apple cutter to me....Don't worry, I will cut Mark's apple for him since he can’t use his knife after being used to gut to many animals on his last safari....Seriously, it looks great!, Thank you!



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